Athens and Epidaurus Festival is on!
In spite of all of the crazy things happening around the world - in this tiny land where great things have happened - and are still happening - as every year about this time, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival gives the first sign of its new edition. And I am bringing you the latest from downtown Athens, from the urban site of Piraeus Av's buildings, to be precise, where we first got a glimpse of this summer’s program with all its 120 events. Theatre, dance, music, Greek and international productions. ‘Cause one thing to remember is that summer in Greece is busy, it’s a culture adventure and a thing, I bet, that everyone want to be part of…if not everyone, a lot of people (there are numbers). Well this year the Festival “opens up” in the city. I mean, more. More things will be happening around, like in public places and other venues of Athens and Piraeus as well as, of course, in Herodion Theatre with mainly music concerts under the Acropolis and in the buildings of 260 Piraeus av. And in the garden, there, too. One other thing that is new and sounds exciting especially for the thirsty for learning people is the Lyceum of Epidaurus, which is going to be like an International summer school of ancient drama. And what can be more exciting than learning about Ancient Greek Drama in "the place"- it’s not a video-game, guys, it’s the real thing. As you maybe know, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival is an old institution with many glory and glamorous days in the past, unforgettable nights full of stories to be told again and again - yet its main concern - this year too - is to be open, to give space, to welcome new and vibrant artists that make a statement in the modern world. And there are a lot of them (as I see in the program). Obviously, even in these long days of crisis and under the most difficult of circumstances, Greece did not fail to produce culture. This is also new: there is going to be a pre-festival targeting the younger more alternative audience, from the 22 to the 28th of May at 260 Piraeus av., with two self-managed groups taking the stage, the Bob Festival and the Sound Acts. It ends with a big party that it’ll mark the opening of the main festival, said the director Vangelis Theodoropoulos, who is one of the most important Greek directors, and one of my very favorites too. Get ready - but get the details first: here: Athens & Epidaurus Festival