Oral Care With Love |
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Thanks to Crest for making this article possible. My opinions are my own! A few days ago, the world celebrated Valentine's day with love, roses, lot of kisses but also, candy, chocolate and fancy dinners. It's one day to be loud about that special personal in your life! But with all the good stuff, remember to keep up with your oral care routines as these treats will not only linger in our fridge but also in between your teeth and gums. Here at home we avoid restaurants and crowds! We celebrate with the kids, and hubby bought orchids, somehow he thinks it is my favorite flower, and also french macarons. I am thankful for my family! I made a delicious meal and did open a bottle of moscato. Couldn't be better! Make it a priority this month to make sure you're using a toothpaste with extra protection to combat the sweet treats like Crest Pro-Health. I am remembering to myself every day and to my kids how important is to brush their teeth and floss