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Starting an eCommerce platform in Nigeria is not easy! At a minimum, anyone going into it will have to deal with the following issues 1. Setting up a website including domain names, SSL, servers etc 2. Sourcing for products to sell 3. Work out logistics with shipping companies 4. Deal with customer care issues 5. Figure out pay on delivery and credit card processing issues. The good news now is that a new platform called just launched and they have completely removed all barriers to starting an eCommerce platform in Nigeria. Here are some features brings to the table 1. Your can create your own eCommerce site in just 8 clicks. No special skill is required 2. You can choose any name for your website 3. You can select any category of things that you will like to sell 4. The site you generate comes pre-loaded with 1000+ items for sale. 5. You earn commissions from everything you sell You can watch this video that see how it works eCommerce + Multi-Level