10 Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2019 | Make Money Online Daily
There's no doubt 2018 has been a fun year when it comes to affiliate marketing. But as we enter 2019, it's the right time to think about what the new year is going to bring to those who've decided to invest in this industry. Just like in every other field, we can expect some old affiliate trends to stick around a little bit longer and some new trends to emerge. So, what affiliate marketing trends should you keep an eye on in 2019? Read on to find out. Review sites still doing well In 2019, we can expect review sites to keep doing extremely well. The reason why these websites have proven to be successful is because when an internet user is searching for a review, it means they're just inches away from making a purchase. With just a little push, they could end up pulling out the wallet. So, in case this is the year you plan to get into affiliate marketing, starting a review site is something you just can't go wrong with. Affiliate agencies gaining more attention It takes some skill to