Dynamic fractals – details – INTERACTION DESIGN | Maddalena Mometti | designer & design researcher
DYNAMIC FRACTALS Interactive installation to represent the aesthetic of complexity. The project gives the users the possibility of manipulating fractals shapes, regulating variables that make up its structure, thanks to the movements of their bodies. In this way they can experiment physically the concept of complexity and intuitively understand the relationship between the change of parameters and the aesthetic result obtained. The project is part of the experience of Aesthetic of Complexity workshop organized in collaboration with Museology for Design research unit. Dynamic Fractals has be presented Oct. 25 2012 at the Science Festival of Genoa (Italy) Credits scientific direction: Raimonda Riccini project leader: Maddalena Mometti students: Davide della Libera, Thierry Speterbroot partner: CNR (Italian National Research Council) music of the short video in this page: CinematicBoom by Herbert Boland and TempleBell by UncleSigmund music played at Science F