Recreational Mathematics Conference
Catch keynote speaker Dr. Rick Luttmann for a fascinating talk about the complex field of Game Theory, using the popular game 'Battleship!' The Recreational Mathematics conference taking place at LTCC is for any and all enthusiasts interested in exploring how math can be used in the real world in seriously cool ways. Hosted by the California Mathematics Council Community Colleges (CMC3), the statewide community college math organization.Dr. Luttman is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Sonoma State University. He earned degrees in mathematics from Amherst College (BA, 1961), Stanford University (MS, 1964), and the University of Arizona (PhD, 1967). This is a two-day conference, so be sure to come back on Saturday, April 22 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for Day Two. Saturday's keynote speaker is Dr. John Callas, Director of the Mars Rover Project at JPL and a Math Faculty member at Pasadena City College. He will present, 'Are We Alone in the Universe? Essentially a Mathematical Question,' a look at new, advanced technologies and techniques that make the detection and observation of other Earth-like planets orbiting other stars possible. You can register and pay online to attend the conference, or to watch one or both of the keynote speakers. Pricing will increase after April 7, 2017, so register early and save!