THE GLOBAL REFUGEE CRISIS: Trump and the Honduras Caravan | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Despite being the son of Scottish and German immigrants, having a Slovenian wife, and an ex-wife and children from Czech Republic, President Donald Trump is continuing to stand his ground on immigration. After making aggressive immigration policy a focal point for his presidential campaign in 2016, and making it a priority in the run up to the midterms earlier this month, Trump seems to be upholding his harsh and aggressive stance on immigration. Citizens from Southern and Central America and the Middle East have demonised and marginalised in North America, with the signing of Executive Order 13780 in March 2017, banning citizens from Muslim countries Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States, including refugees from Syria. President Trump's office is making it clear that it is prioritising the security and interests of American citizens, unfortunately at the detriment of anyone seeking safety and a brighter future in the US. This hostility