Liverpool City Council Budget Meeting Round Up | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Shortly after the Chancellor presented his budget, Labour Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, presented Liverpool's budget. Students from the University of Liverpool were invited to observe the budget proceedings in their full glory. _______________________________________________ As soon as we arrived at Liverpool Town Hall, we were greeted by a wave of protesters in opposition to the impending announcement of cuts. Protesters held placards of enlarged novel covers, depicting the loss of books if any libraries were to close. Protesters were drawn from anti-austerity groups such as Momentum, and TUSC. The chanting of "Tory! Tory! Tory!" as Councillors entered through the side entrance, and the calls to set illegal-budgets are reminiscence from Liverpool's Militant tendency. The Budget The Mayor began by breaking the convention of a long, dull, drawn-out budget speech by opting to present the budget through a PowerPoint presentation. Throughout the speech, Anderson chose to attack