Lecturers are struggling to make ends meet | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
According to UCU, too many lecturers are struggling on casual contracts. The University and College Union surveyed over 2500 of its members regarding the issue, and 42% of those on casual contracts said they struggle with paying household bills. A further 35% had issues paying rent and mortgage and 21% of people surveyed found paying for food problematic. However a body of university employers have stated this study may be flawed, as not all those surveyed would necessarily count as being on casual hours. Of those surveyed, around 71% were from the higher education sector, with the rest on casual contracts within further education, with around a quarter saying they were on zero hour contracts. These included everyone from lecturers, to researchers, to postgraduate teachers. The survey found that overall, 47% of those who took part worked up to 30 hours a week with 33% earning less than £1000 each month. Furthermore, one in ten could not say how many hours they worked per week because