Coffee House Sessions: Kara Marni @ The Courtyard – Liverpool Guild of Students (20/03/17) | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
On the afternoon of Monday, 20th March, Kara Marni performed at the Courtyard in the Guild as part of her Coffee House Sessions tour. The usual hustling atmosphere of the social space was immediately transformed and those who just happened to be hanging out, revising or having their lunch had no idea what they were about to witness. As soon as Kara introduced herself the Courtyard's routine comings and goings shifted into a unique musical experience. 19-year-old Kara is clearly full of energy and enthusiasm, making her performance infectious in the very best way possible. Throughout her set she interacted with the audience, making them feel included and even waved to and greeted people coming in and out of the room; instantly putting a smile on their and everyone else's faces. Her short but sweet 30-minute performance included endearing covers of the hottest recent hits such as Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' and a medley of Justin Bieber's latest tunes, as well as a couple of original