The Weave: Knowledge Porridge | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
There is a section during 'I'm In Your House', third track in to jazz outfit The Weave's forthcoming new record Knowledge Porridge, in which we are treated to a typically charming vibraphone solo followed by an equally beautiful dose of guitar. It is a passage which is reflective of everything good about the album as a whole, as endearing as it is superbly composed, and packed with the sort of character which the record can boast in abundance. With a track listing including names such as 'Not On Your Nelly', there is no hiding that that this is going to be an outing with plenty of charisma. It is its ability to infect such a notion, however, which gives the album its spark. Truly, it is this sense of charm and character on which the real strength of the record lies. 'The Pogo' opens Knowledge Porridge in the sort of jaunty, joyous fashion at which the album will, for the most part, find itself at its most effective. The aforementioned 'I'm In Your House' is the band's strongest