The 2ube Xtra @ LIPA, 21.05.15 | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Over the years, LIPA's 2ube has developed into something like Liverpool's own Later… Streamed live and showcasing glimpses into the depth of talent the wonderful Performing Arts Institute has to offer. From the cameras and the sound to, of course, the performers, it represents a proud and very necessary area in Liverpool's cultural ring. The culmination of all this, however, is the two weeks of their 2ube Xtra, which, if we wish to keep the analogy going, plays the role of Liverpool's very own Hootenanny. Exhibiting the third years' showcases before they leave LIPA for other pastures, my Tuesday viewing promises, on paper, to be one of the most entertaining of the entire two weeks. Entertaining, indeed, turns out to be a particularly appropriate term, as the entire line-up ensures the Paul McCartney Auditorium is to bear witness to a special evening of music. The night is initiated by math/post-rock four-piece We Can Be Astronauts, who pummel their audience with a barrage of big