Gonzalla: Never Gonna Go (ft. Mari Hajem) | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Gonzalla is a one-man folk/pop entity from Liverpool, created by Cody Randall, and his new release, 'Never Gonna Go', marks him out as certainly one to watch. Featuring guest vocals from Liverpool-residing Norwegian artist Mari Hajem, Gonzalla exploits the captivating quality that's produced when beautiful voices combine with an acoustic-led backing. Hajem is light and haunting; Gonzalla cool and mellow. Combined they create something magical. Fundamentally, 'Never Gonna Go' is a quirky but relatively simple release, making for easy, soothing listening. Along with lyrics that resonate simply and effortlessly on the ear, the result is an accessible track that encourages you to search between the lines for the more complex nuances that make up this tune, all of which fits together pretty seamlessly. Overall, there's something deeply addictive about this release. It's been on repeat for the last half an hour, and probably will be for a little while longer. 'Never Gonna Go' is to be