Radiolane: Here Comes The Rain Again EP | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Exploding onto the Liverpool music scene is indie rock band Radiolane with their new EP Here Comes the Rain Again. This five piece ensemble give nothing but energetic melodies and intrinsic lyrics and this EP is one you could listen to over and over again. The EP kicks off with 'Bringing Me Down', a fusion of smooth, catchy rhythms which are complimented with relaxed vocals. When the lyrics begin the song itself gives off an almost Oasis-like vibe but Radiolane make it their own with a distinctive guitar line and prominent drum beat. 'Before You Go' is the next track on the EP, which begins with a heavier guitar/drum beat than the previous track before breaking out into a mellower tune. The song balances brilliantly between a pop like chorus and a rockier guitar tune. It can be seen as the 'ballad' of the EP, but it still possesses a catchy upbeat rhythm. 'Here Comes the Rain Again' has more guitar presence than the previous songs and it