Youngblood Brass Band @ The Kazimier – REVIEW, 16/10/14 | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
On 16th October something incredible happened at The Kazimier. Three bands, each phenomenal in their own right, joined forces to create one of the best musical nights I have ever experienced. I am, of course, referring to the Youngblood Brass Brand's gig at the Kaz, supported by Rumjig and WtU (We the Undersigned). Kicking off the night was Rumjig, a lively four-piece who's swing/funk vibe got the audience into the party mood from the start. With a no holds barred approach they seemed undaunted by the prospect of being first out of the gate and instead did a sterling job of getting everyone moving and on their feet. Without a doubt one of the most confident and enjoyable support acts I have ever experienced. Following that strong start, WtU, who set up remarkably quickly (an impressive feat considering there are 12 of them), made the most of the energy already running through the venue by bouncing straight into their first track of the night. Spanning the two tiers of the stage, an