Blitz Kids @ EVAC – REVIEW 06.10.14 | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
On the 6th October, highly rated pop-punk-alt-rockers Blitz Kids hit one of Liverpool's hottest venues, EVAC. I have to admit, I probably enjoy pop-punk a bit too much. I like to think that love it or hate it, it's always been pretty accessible. Blitz Kids, hailing from Nantwich, Cheshire, are one of those bands that straddle both the pop-punk genre and the heavier alternative-rock anthems, keeping their toes on both sides of the line. Perhaps the poppier sounds of the night came in the form of openers, Delca Kara, a young and local quintet with a vibrantly shameless sound reminiscent to - though perhaps a little heavier than - the likes of The 1975 and Bastille. You couldn't fault them on their cohesion or their energy, which is always good to see from the first support band of the night. Now if it's energy you seek, Hemel Hempstead outfit Scholars have bags of it. Their loud and effervescent set was enough to suitably