College @ Leaf – PREVIEW 10.10.14 | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
College is a project of David Grellier, aka Mitch Silver from the electroclash band Sexy Sushi. French electronic producer, composer and performer - Grellier is unstoppable - with College just one of his projects that has generated a strong underground following. Based on the nostalgia of his youth, College brings together an amalgamation of 80's synth and American-pop culture reworked into pure musical genius. You ever watch that little film with the much-lusted after Ryan Gosling, Drive? College was responsible for the theme song 'A Real Hero', that saw the soundtrack stay top in the iTunes chart for weeks following its release. An exploration in synth, retro beats and computer based riffs, College will have you head-nodding all night. Electronic, retro and a night of precision-based musical beats, be sure to catch College at the Leaf on Bold Street, this Friday 10th October. Videogame music times 1000, an evening with College will leave you revisiting the past to play a game of