The Selecter Ft. Pauline Black Review// 02 Academy// 3.3.13 | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
The Selecter's arrival in Liverpool drew in a small crowd of admirers, ranging from their loyal fan base from the 80s, reliving their heyday, to young new followers grabbing the chance to see the veteran Ska band. It is a shame the event was not advertised better, as you could imagine the reggae enthusiasts from nights such as Eat Your Greens fitting in perfectly with the upbeat Ska sounds. Perhaps the lack of a younger crowd was due to the £15.00 ticket price, slightly out of most students' price range. However, the 02 Academy was the perfect venue for such an intimate crowd, with its low ceilings and small dance floor. Once absorbed into the mass of people towards the front, it felt like any other busy night. The Selecter, suited up with the classic thin tie, arrived on stage to gracious applaud. Their opening songs sent the crowd into a mad frenzy of dancing (think when Madness comes on at a disco or wedding) and it was virtually impossible not to join in. 'On my Radio' and their