An Introduction… | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Hello there. Sitting comfortably? Then lets begin. With the whole world and its neighbours voicing their opinions on the good, the bad and the often ugly music industry, one could be entitled to ask, what could possible be the use of another music blog? What unique selling point is left to be utilised in a desperate attempt to draw people to this web page in this new age of twitter, tumblr, facebook and a virtual reality that we all live every day through the internet? The only answer i can give is that this blog is as much for the writers involved as it is for any readers that might care enough to peruse our posts. The LSRadio Music Team consists solely of students from the University of Liverpool, budding music writers, radio producers and presenters. Some have been writing about music in some form or another since they could start their own myspace account, for others, this is their first foray into the over-populated world of online press. This blog serves to help any and all of