Rick & Morty Season 3 Review: The Darkest Timeline? | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Credit Adult Swim --------------------- April 1st, 2017: the day Rick and Morty addicts had no idea they were waiting for. In true Sanchez style, the first episode of the long-awaited season three, The Rickshank Redemption, was unexpectedly dropped in an epic double bluff of an April fool's joke. Less skeptical fans believed the stream of tweets claiming the episode's sudden appearance and were thus rewarded with an early trip inside the twisted imagination of Rick Sanchez. A promising opening episode finally resolved the cliffhanger left by season two; freeing Rick from prison and leaving Jerry to "spend some time…divorced". At the end of the excellent opener Rick launched into a trademark crazed, nihilistic monologue over a terrified Morty, spouting what was to be expected from the next stage of their adventures. Rick emphasised season three would hold "the darkest timeline yet", a promise that was consistently delivered on... not entirely to the benefit of the season. Each member of