5 Halloween Crochet Costumes - Krista Mae
Well it’s my favorite time of the year, Halloween!! I love Fall and I love dressing the kids up and they love choosing their costumes. Every year it’s a big to do choosing costumes and getting everything we need to make them perfect. However, last year it was so cold and we were not prepared. The temperature was in the 30s by the time the night was over and us and the kids were freezing. So this year I decided to make them all hats/eat warmers as accessories for their costumes to keep them warm. This year we had: Wonder Women, Shimmer (from Shimmer and Shine), Princess Belle, and Bumblebee (Transformers). So I did some searching and I found some inspiration: Wonder Women I found the ear warmer pattern over at Just a Little Rain Cloud. It was so easy and worked up very quickly. The gloves are from Auburn Elephant. They also worked up quickly and a great way to use up any left over yarn. Shimmer For shimmer I looked up some inspiration and then made my favorite beanie. Made a green raindrop. Cut some yarn for the hair. Made a dc foundation chain. And used a craft hot glue gun and glued on the jewels. Princess Belle I looked up some inspiration but couldn’t find much to go on besides some pictures. So I whipped up my favorite beanie. Cut the hair alternating 1 strand/2strands all the way around the hat. Then I made the bun, I had an H hook started with 6 sc in a MR and increased to 30. Did three rows of 30 and then decreased to 24 and did another row of 24. Stuffed it with some stuffing and sewed it on. Then I made 4 curls, with an H hook I chained 40, put 2dc in the 3rd chain from the hook, and then put 3dc in each chain until there were 4 curls, then did 2dc in each chain, and 1dc in the last 11 stitches. I did this so the curls would be softer. Then sewed them on just below the bun. Then made a dc foundation chain to wrap around the bun. Then made another dc foundation chain, and tied it into a bow and sewed that onto the hat. The hair I used this post to help me style it Hopeful Honey, and also used that post to make the crown. I love this pattern for the Elsa hat so it was perfect to finish off this hat! Bumblebee (Transformers) This hat was by far the toughest believe it or not. I whipped up another of my favorite beanies. I wasn’t sure how to make the face so I turned the face into a graph and single crocheted the face. Then single crocheted around it in black. Sewed it onto the hat. Then made the little ears, using an H hook I crocheted 6sc in a mr then increased to 12 before finishing off. (Make 2). Put a tiny bit of stuffing in them and sewed them onto the hat. The top I just sc black then used black yarn to outline the eyes, and mouth. In the middle of making these my area decided to move Halloween up a day since it was suppose to rain on Halloween. So I put it in over drive and finished them in 4 days. I know a lot of people can easily get those done in that time but a homeschooling mama of 4. I feel pretty good about the time it took! When I have some free time I’ll try and put together a better written pattern with pictures for the Bumblebee, Princess Belle and Shimmer hats. I hope these inspire you to try your hand at Halloween costumes for your kiddos! If you have any questions or would love to share your creations we would love to see them! Related