Construction Week 51 | | Leslie Rolling
We're literally going into the one year mark since we broke ground on the work yard depot. I can't believe that it's gone so fast. This week was a better week personally, and yet yesterday brought with it a bit of a meltdown on my part. It was just a culmination of stress and feeling like I'm hardly home these days, and missing my family and desperately needing a 5 minute period of time to have an undivided, uninterrupted moment to talk to Chris. When we only get to see each other for a few hours of the day and there are so many things to be planning and thinking about every second counts, and last night there weren't enough seconds. I think I just needed to have a good cry and let the stress out too. Not think, know. When stuff starts building up I try to suck it up, but then throw in a poor night of sleep and at some point I'll be crying. My feelings need to get out, and that's how it happens. I read recently that cryers tend to be more emotionally healthy because they don't bottle