I Bet Your Husband Can't Do This! | | Leslie Rolling
If you ask any of our friends here in Haiti they'll be the first to tell you that we're not the typical textbook missionaries. I don't know about you, but when I think of traditional missionaries I think about button down shirts, and very conservative people. I know that's stereo-typical, but that's what comes to mind. When I felt called into the mission field I kept thinking, "I'm not that person!" Here's the good news - missionaries are just as different and individual as anyone else. We're here serving as we do because we feel this is where we're supposed to be, and we see value in doing the things we do. We love God. We want to share that with others, and we all have different ways of doing that. When I met Chris, he was in his late 20's, wore nothing but Birkenstocks, t-shirts and shorts. Pants and collared shirts if he had to. He had and still has a pony tail. It might be a bit shorter now, but he still has it. And I can't imagine him without it. He's never owned anything but a