View Menu in Adobe Photoshop |
Introduction View menu in Adobe Photoshop is generally used to set up the look your main work area or workspace. You can access these options through shortcuts or directly from the view menu. Proof Setup This is the first option in the view panel after the 'custom' option. As you click on this option it will open up a fly-out menu where there are various options you can choose from. In this fly-out menu, there are couple other settings like working CMYK, Working Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black plate etc. And all this option will show you on screen what the image will look like if you convert it into CMYK or other given options. After this, we have various other settings like Legacy Macintosh RGB, Internet Standard sRGB and monitor RGB. Legacy Macintosh RGB: This option will stimulate an effect of how the image will look like if we convert it into pro photo RGB if we are viewing this on a standard generic Apple monitor. (Pro Photo RGB looks fairly unappealing if it isn't color managed