Matte Painting: The Whole Process |
Introduction: Matte painting is a technique for creating an artificial landscape of any kind which doesn't exist in reality. It is a part of visual effects that are used in movies and TV shows. Filmmakers generally used this technique to create elements of the shots that were originally not present in the scenario. There are many advanced as well as traditional techniques that are used to make matte paintings in movie shots. The static part of the painting is usually hand drawn or manipulated by software like Adobe Photoshop. Movements like a waterfall or smoke effects are integrated with other advanced software. These kinds of techniques are generally used in film industries that make action or fantasy movies. History of Matte Painting: Before there was any advanced software like Adobe Photoshop and After effects for making this kind of art, filmmakers hired matte painting artist who used to paint on large glass panes and then these paintings were integrated on the footage of the