Lessons from Break-up |
Rejection, we've all being there. And there's no denying that it hurts. This rejection has been a fuel behind countless success stories not just with instances of romantic love but also for those who experience discrimination and injustice. And from my experience, I have learned that adversity can be transformed into something beautiful, motivation, resilience, and originality. Our stories and our struggles make us uniquely who we are, but too often out of shame or fear we silenced the very narrative that is the foundation of our strength. Whether your relationship is awful, good or great, we never like endings. Especially we don't like to lose things that are important to us and believe it or not relationships are the single most important thing to you and your life. It's the source of all your best memories and source of all your worst memories. When you are ninety-five or hundred years old and you look back over the course of your life, you are not going to think that I wish I had a