Learn About Yourself |
Among some of the greatest barriers to being successful, one key barrier that restricts us is our conditioning that takes place in our subconscious mind from the time when we were infants. We all tend to talk and act like the people around us. Usually, our primitive conditioning is not with some very good ideas and because of that we do not think for ourselves and blindly follow everybody surrounding us. All we want is to get a job, look around how others are doing their work and then do it in the same way. In some point of life, we all have been afraid of what the "other people" would think of us. And from there we somehow start to hide our authentic self. With the layers of limiting beliefs, social conditioning or bad parenting, whatever the reason is, it gets buried inside of us until we start to forget. And this is the main reason that we don't feel fulfilled and truly happy in our life. And you are made to believe as if there are some valid logic, reasoning, and beliefs that why