Ruffles and Volants - LAURATOPA
Recently I discovered a lot of outfits with ruffles and volants in my Instagram feed. I think that this trend is by far one of my favorite ones in 2016. It is very mysterious, romantic and absolutely feminine and that’s what I really love about it. But: I think that it only looks good when the ruffled piece is the “hero” of the outfit. The rest has to be rather casual, close-fitting and plain. If you follow these steps, your outfit for sure will be an absolute eye-catcher! Mostly I fell in love with ruffled t-shirts, blouses and pullovers. Whether ruffled collars, full sleeves, back detailing or across the front – all this I find very stylish and simply wonderful. An absolute Must-Have for every Fashionista and fashion lover. Tell me what you think about ruffled pieces in the comment section below!