Green Mung Sundal (Pacha Payaru Sundal)
´┐╝Mung or green gram is rightfully called the queen of legumes. There were several ancient tales which we were told by our mothers and grannies to make us eat good, healthy food- mung or payaru (in tamil) story is one such ......long long ago, in India, there was this hermit who lived all by himself and ate only mung, rice, and curd everyday. And his health was the envy of his neighbors. People noticed that inspite of his age he was fully of energy and very healthy. People came to ask him the secret of his health. They were surprised that he ate such simple food. Soon people came to him for advice on what to eat and he just prescribed 'mung'. Since then mung has been called 'sattvic' or food of the yogis. Mung boiled or sprouted tastes good. One simple recipe is the south Indian 'sundal'. Come Navratri, and you will get to eat this on all the nine days (from home, friends, neighbors).