The Best Paint Colours To Go With Oak (Trim, Floor, Cabinets and More…)
The Best Paint Colours to Update Oak Cabinets, Flooring, Trim, and More! Partner Post to 5 Ideas: How to Update Oak Cabinets Without a Drop of Paint! and Tips and Ideas: How to Update Oak Cabinets There are SO many colours of oak in the world - virtually every colour in the rainbow it seems! And while some colours of oak can be quite timeless, there are also many versions that can be challenging (understatement) to modernize and update. And why do I call them colours of oak not species of oak? Because oak is often stained a different colour than its roots (literally) suggest - so we're going to base things on the overall 'colour' that you see - not the chronological history of the tree! This is going to be TREE-LY exciting, so let's get started! Courtesy of Remodelaholic Before you get in to the nitty gritty, you need to decide whether you want to accent your oak or whether you want to blend or camouflage it a bit. (The photo above shows a colour that lightly accents the