New 3-Foot Passing Law in Nebraska | Kansas Cyclist News
Nebraska has become the 24th state to enact a 3-foot passing law. The law requires motorists to give at least 3 feet of space when passing cyclists, pedestrians, and those operating motorized wheelchairs on the road. Here's what Sen. Thomas Hansen of North Platte, who introduced the bill, had to say about the measure after it was introduced in January: This week I introduced LB 1030 on behalf of several individuals in the district that experienced serious and even fatal motor vehicle accidents. The bill amends the Rules of the Road by requiring motor vehicle drivers to leave a distance of no less than three feet clearance to avoid colliding with a pedestrian, bicycle or electric personal assistance mobility device when traveling in the same direction. More and more citizens are making choices to use alternate modes of travel either for exercise or because the price of gasoline is rising. This bill attempts to make motorists aware of the rights of pedestrians or bicycles traveling on