Silence #writephoto - Kaleidoscope of My Life
The ocean inspires many things. Here’s my entry for the Weekly Photo Prompt hosted by Sue Vincent. Silence I stood on the edge of ecstasy As you wrapped your arms around me Easing into your ebb and flow Like a ship at the high sea I lost myself into you so That we merged like the sea and sky Toeing the invisible line Where our truths turned to a lie The waves swelled and crashed Or ever so gently lapped at the shore The lightening left fresh scars As thunderous emotions fell and rose The dreams that we shared Lay shattered on a stormy shore As we stood on the edge of reality Where you were mine no more Yet still, wrapped in your arms I feel safe and warm Till the foreboding sets in, just like A reticent silence is followed by the storm… questionbang is a quiz cloud, aiming to enhance learning through assessment. Enhance your learning through questionbang Apps and mock-set-plus. © 2019 Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life All Rights Reserved Related