Goodnight Moon - Kaleidoscope of My Life
Here’s my entry for the Daily Writing Prompt that Christine E. Ray is hosting on her blog Brave and the Reckless. The prompt for today was tittle of the children book by Margaret Wise Brown: ‘Goodnight Moon‘. #GoodNight Moon He walks into my room stealthily And caresses my shattered soul Filling up all the dark crevasses Once again, he makes me whole Out of the night that covers me He’s the only one who sees me bare With all my scars and secrets exposed His embrace is all that I wear As the night wanes by I put up my masks and act glad But only he knows that I’m A lonely soul heavily clad As the world all around me Readies to wake up soon I sit silently by window And whisper my good-nights to the moon… © 2019 Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life All Rights Reserved Related