Drifting Woods - Kaleidoscope of My Life
via Daily Prompt: Distant Some love stories are meant to be incomplete… Their journey started hand in hand Rolling over the waves and shimmering in the sand They kissed in the silent night Hugging softly in the dim moonlight By the morning as the sun rose high They quietly separated as the winds went by Each rolling down to the destination unknown Each hardly afloat in the whirlpools of their own Down in the valley, Around that turn Their ways met again, As they had sworn Stories of the lost days they could not hide Rolling over the waves they continued side by side Their ways forked, Over the next bend This time Never to meet again Along the coast of a Distant Land They kissed their goodbyes over the glittering sand They had lived all that they could After all, they were just drifting woods… © 2019 Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life All Rights Reserved Related