Wireless Router Configuration
You should see a pop-up from the right bottom corner of your screen with a bubble reading something to the effect of "Windows has found a wireless network in the area, click here to connect", but if you don't click the START button, and find the "Network" icon, right-click, and go to Properties. If you scan around in these menus (WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!), you will find many settings and status updates of what your network is, or is capable of doing. NOTE: I suggest using the Windows Zero Wireless Configuration Utility for connecting to the router (and internet) via a wireless network adapter. While Microsoft does not know off all the spiffy features that Linksys/Cisco puts in the "Wireless Network Adapter Software", chances are, you either want your internet always connected, or connected at your command. Windows has a built in feature that handles that just fine (for the most part...)