Gear Review: Peloton | Jon & Kelsey
Kelsey and I will fully admit that we're not the best gym-goers. Between traveling and ever-changing work schedules, fitting in the time to go to a gym class is pretty much impossible for us. First, we were members at the local YMCA. However, it was too far away and class schedules were too infrequent to use regularly. Then, we switched to OrangeTheory Fitness. While we absolutely loved the classes, it actually proved to be too popular. It became impossible to book a class less than a few weeks out. We can't even schedule out to the end of this week, much less what's going on next month. Plus, at $300/month combined, it wasn't financially feasible in the least. Needless to say, we cancelled both. Then we found Peloton. The Bike The bike itself is like a regular spin bike on steroids. For being a stationary object, it looks very aero with its carbon-steel frame. The pedals rotate a large steel plate and resistance is created from a series of magnets that move closer or further away