Denver Weekend Getaway – Day One | Jon & Kelsey
Jon and I visited Denver, Colorado, for a refreshing weekend getaway. Denver is a short jump from Austin--direct flights warm my heart for quick trips. We've found weekend getaways to be an easy way to feel rejuvenated and motivated back at home. Time away from home doesn't require a plane ticket or a six-hour drive--whatever takes you out of your regular routine often does the trick. Upon our 7 am arrival on Friday, we headed north to Estes Park, Colorado. Denver International Airport -> Estes Park, CO = 75 mi/1.5 hrs Estes Park, CO - Estes Park is a mountain town at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Estes Park is home to activities of all levels and seasons. Whether it's a summer stay for mountain biking and trail running or winter stay for snowshoeing and back-country skiing, this mountain town is a nice place to stay for the weekend. While passing through, Jon and I stopped at the historic Stanley Hotel for a photo op. Estes Park wasrecommended and proved worthy for the short