Halloween Ideas 2016 - Jessthetics
Skull Candle Holders Vegan Sugar Cookies Decorated Pumpkins Alien Costume The brilliant thing about having blogged for so long is that every time Halloween rolls around, I have an exciting archive full of ideas waiting for me. Costumes, decor, food… you name it, I’ve probably blogged about it. The DIY bat costume that I shared 3 years ago has long been my most popular post. Looking through old Halloween posts is also an interesting (read: embarrassing) way to see how this blog has grown and changed over the years! The grainy phone photos I used for my first DIY costume post will haunt me forever, but at least it’s evidence of how much my photography skills have improved. If you’re like me, it’s reached that time of the month when you want to feel spooky and festive, but you’re not sure what projects to start. I hope this round-up will give you some ideas! Vegan Pumpkin Pie Ghost Family Bat Costume Just like Christmas, I think that preparing for Halloween is as good as the day itself. Getting ready is all the fun! I’ve already made the pumpkin pie again to celebrate the beginning of autumn. I might make sugar cookies soon too, since they’re so simple and I can pop them in my bag to inject a bit of Halloweeny-ness into my work snack. I’m at work for the evening of actual halloween this year and I’ve been debating whether to go in with a full costume or not. I work with volunteers, and I don’t want to startle them! I would be like Pam in The Office, when she gets a new job and she’s the only one that dresses up. I’m going away to a haunted house with friends for the weekend of Halloween, so I will have had plenty of costume wearing opportunities. We’ll see, I’ll keep you updated. What are your plans for Halloween this year? Are there any projects that you’re working on? Related