Graveyards and Autumn Leaves - Jessthetics
There’s something about Autumn that makes me want to wear dark lipstick and long coats that billow behind me like a really awesome cloak. Autumn brings out my inner goth, hence why I’ve found myself posing in a graveyard. I’ve also been re-watching the early seasons of Buffy and taking a lot of style inspiration from all the dark lipstick and long coat vibes. Some days I wish the Bronze was real and I could hang out there with all my friends and listen to 90s alt bands from California. Anyway, my family visited me last weekend and my mum kindly took some outfit snaps for me whilst they were here. This graveyard looked so beautiful with the old stones and orange leaves in the sunshine so we decided to use it as a backdrop. There were a lot of people coming to visit the grave that I was stood next to, and when I looked over I realised it belonged to Adam Smith! Outfit details: Jumper, Vintage / Skirt, Vintage / Cardigan, Vintage / Boots, New Look / Necklace, Waiste I’ve just been living in roll neck jumpers recently. They’re cosy and unfussy but they look smart at the same time! They go with everything too. I wear them with jeans, dungarees, bell bottoms, maxi skirts, over dresses and sometimes on a night out with a mini skirt when I feel like protecting myself from the cold Scottish weather. Actually everything I’m wearing here is vintage, apart from my shoes. The jumper and long cardigan used to belong to my Grandma, and I picked up the skirt at a vintage fair in York. Yay! Related