DIY Alien Costume: Part 1 - Jessthetics
I got my halloween costume sorted this weekend, and I’m going as an alien! What do you think? I made the top and skirt from a self-drafted pattern and I also made the eyeball headband. For my makeup, I’m wearing green eyeshadow on the top of my eyes and the Lush cream eyeshadow in Focus underneath my eyes and on my lips. I also stuck some googly eyes on my forehead. I was considering covering my two piece in googly eyes but I think if I leave it plain I’ll be more likely to wear it again. In this post I’ll show you how I made the headband and for the next post I’ll show you how I made the two piece. If you want to be an alien but you don’t want to sew your own costume, obviously you could wear a plain green dress with the alien headband and still look awesome! You will need: A plain wide headband, a set of 6 ping pong balls or polystyrene balls, red and black permanent markers, a picture hook, 2 pipe cleaners, a glue gun and a short amount of green marabou fluff. Begin by drawing some eyeballs onto the ping pong balls! Make a hole in the back of two of the ping pong balls. I did this by gently pushing a picture hook into the back. Then insert a pipe cleaner into each ball. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the headband and use your glue gun to secure the remaining four ping pong balls onto the headband. Use your glue gun to stick the marabou fluff to the front of your headband, and that’s it! This would be a really great last minute halloween costume if you just wanted to make the headband and wear it with something green! I think for halloween I will put more googly eyes onto my face and maybe work on some more dramatic makeup. Do you know what you’re going to be for halloween yet? Related