DIY Flower Glasses - Jessthetics
I really love crazy glasses. The bigger, and the more extravagant, the better! Nothing reminds me more of summer than a huge pair of colourful sunglasses. Most of the time, I wear big round glasses that make me look like a man from the 70’s, but I also love cat eyes. I found these beauties looking bare and flowerless in H&M for just a pound, and they were dying for some embellishment. It’s super simple, but here’s how you can make your own. You will need: Fake flowers (and dye if you want to change their colour) A glue gun Some sunglasses Step 1: Glue your flowers onto your sunglasses using your glue gun. That really is it. Make sure that you angle them away from the glasses when you’re gluing, otherwise you won’t be able to see. My flowers started off white, but I wanted them yellow, so I dyed them with a little bit of dylon dye (some tips here). I’ve put off buying a glue gun for ages, I figured what can’t be achieved with craft glue? It turns out you can’t glue flowers to sunglasses with craft glue, they just keep falling off. So I made the investment, and it turns out that you can buy glue guns on amazon for a fiver! If you don’t have one, I would highly reccomend getting one. You can glue anything to anything! I took these photos in the museum gardens in York, and there’s this wonderful old ruin in the middle of the gardens. It’s such a lovely place to have a picnic! Here I’m wearing a Topshop dress, ASOS cardigan, my boots are from Deep, and my coat is from a charity shop (I’m so pleased with this coat, it’s covered in tiny mirrors and it’s made out of velvet. What more could you wish for?) Thanks Amy for helping me out with my photos again! Are you guys feeling inspired to do some summery DIYing? Related