Solidarity! (Volume 1 No. 1), a quarterly publication of IID
Welcome to the first issue of the SOLIDARITY!, the quarterly E-newsletter of IID. This is a re-launch of the same IID publication printed initially more than 28 years ago when IID was still in its gestation period. At IID’s precursor organization, Center for International Learning (CIL) - Tuluyan San Benito based in Quezon City in the Philippines, the rst issue of Solidarity - sans the exclamation point (!) – was born. It was produced by the then motley IID team of 5 people who believed in a better world if peoples from both the “South” and “North” and those in the “East” and “West” embrace the notion of “people-to-people internationalism”. Start-up and bold ideas and opinions such as “south-south solidarity” and questioning the relevance of the UN at a time of continuing strife even at the twilight of the Cold War were some of the issues that we tackled in the maiden issue.