NiMB 111: Down Under Heatwave! | I Hate Broccoli!
Wednesday Jan 15 2019 IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you a daily news podcast for busy people. Listen anytime for the News you didn't hear about. In our show notes click subscribe No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff. I'm el Dub Show Notes: BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS: New York Times Editor: Falsifies Pew Research The media watchdog CAMERA took aim at The New York Times this week after the newspaper falsified Pew research in a news analysis alleging a "great schism" between American and Israeli Jewish populations. Written by the paper's deputy Washington editor Jonathan Weisman, the Times article claims that Israeli and American Jews "see the world in starkly different ways," and suggests that "neither side sees the other as caring for its basic well-being." "It's a sweeping hypothesis," says Gilead Ini, a veteran media analyst at CAMERA. "And yet his analysis doesn't offer a single statistic to directly substantiate his claim." Ini says that the Times editor did cite some