NiMB 105: He's Getting A Date! 1-3-2019 | I Hate Broccoli!
IHATEBROCCOLI.COM brings you a daily news podcast for busy people. Listen anytime for the News you didn't hear about. In our show notes click subscribe No opinion pieces, no hit pieces, and no fluff. I'm el Dub. Show Notes: CHINA SHINE:Rapist, murderer of 11 women executed Gao Chengyong, who raped and murdered 11 women in northwest China, was executed Thursday morning, a court announced on its Weibo account. He gone. FRANCE France24:Sacked aide contradicts French presidency on Macron contacts Alexandre Benalla, a former campaign bodyguard who got a senior job following Macron's election victory last year as security advisor, has been dogged by scandal since July when accusations emerged he had roughed up protestors while wearing a police helmet. Impersonating a police officer could have snagged him 3 years in prison. He was at the centre of more embarrassing headlines for Macron last week when it emerged he had