NiMB 75: CMU dorm, two dead; Diabetes discovery; Nassar abused boys, too? DOJ, Oakland mayor
Short to the point real news podcast. TODAY: Two dead, gunman at large, shooting at Central Michigan University. Diabetes is actually five separate diseases, research suggests. Teenage US gymnast, first male files lawsuit claiming sexually abused by Larry Nassar when he 'treated' a shoulder injury with acupuncture to boy's genitals. Trump defies Putin and agrees to sell Ukraine Javelin anti-tank missiles. Justice Department investigates Oakland mayor after she warned illegal immigrants of ICE raid in the city 'kept more than 800 criminals from being deported'. Heartbreaking remains of missing woman, died while trapped in WALL home, she fell through attic undiscovered until house went into foreclosure. Texas teen rifle, 100 rounds and mask arrested in car near school sporting event. An American pilot vanished West Africa 2013 SPOTTED, human trafficking hotspot in Libya, family told. Police question Israeli PM Netanyahu following claims website special treatment, government regulators.