Discover the World of Wine without Drama at Planet Grapes
If you heard about Planet Grapes, this is the restaurant that you are looking for that fit your food and wine experience. Planet Grapes offers an easygoing and wine-friendly ambiance. You can find different representations of each wine from around the world as they source from premium wine producing regions such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, North America, and South America. Every customers that would like to order or to try different wines are allowed by sip, half glass and full glass sizes which you can pour your glass by pressing their touch screen machine on top of your chosen wine. Their wine price are depend on the quality of wine by types and level or sweetness both red or white wines, and you can also buy not only per glass but also per bottle. When you visit Planet Grapes, they have different types of wines that are displayed in their restaurant with corresponding label for the price.