Tutti Frutti ring - HyukTa.net
I wanted a ring that looks like this: There’s a shop in Glorietta that sells a similar ring. I was so close to buying it even if it almost costs about $50. But I’m getting good at restraining myself. Hrhr~ Thanks to self-control, I found a small stall in Rustan’s Makati that sells a lot of cute rings worth less than $10. 🙂 I would have felt so bad if I went with that $50 purchase. DX The rings aren’t the same as that in the picture above, but they’re still big and cute. I had to satisfy my craving to buy a ring. Therefore I got this: I thought it was a thick ring, but that’s actually 5 separate rings. I should check the stall again next time if money permits me. Also, if I can find it again. I easily get lost in Rustan’s Makati. 😐