Makati Grand Parade 2010 - HyukTa.net
Friday, June 11, was a really long and tiring day. It was slow for the rest in the office because they were busy preparing for the parade. Banner from Councilor/Mayor-elect Jun-Jun’s office Taken by Doy who’s not yet friends with my camera LOL We decided to walk to Ayala Avenue because we doubted any cab would take us with the traffic the parade would cause. Luckily, Liza saw a staffer from the Urban Development Department with a government car so he drove us to the fire station where the parade would start. 🙂 We sneaked away from the employees before anyone we know saw us. Being a watcher is better than being walking in the parade. 😛 People from some barangay joined the parade Senior citizens float Then from the different sectors and departments of the City Government of Makati: Administrative Sector Economic Sector Department of Environmental Services Finance Management Sector This damn bee guy threw candies at me and Jaja. Some kids and old men started running to our feet. One of them grabbed my ankle. ~_~ Infrastructure Development Sector Too busy with his cellphone to even bother with the event. From the Education Department — Why does the student look like a granny (or just someone with white hair)? LOL Makati Social Welfare Department The parade was taking forever because they kept stopping especially when the contestants of Miss Earth passed by. One more camwhoring shot Jaja received a text that our boss was in one of the e-jeepneys and there she was… I’m glad I don’t look very fat here. XDDD; I hope to be able to ride one of those quiet e-jeepneys before I leave the office. 😀 *crosses fingers* Protective Services Rockwell If you haven’t been there, you should. 😀 Ms. Makati Bagong Ina Foundation Bagong Ina Foundation was probably the last in the parade, so we headed off to the stage. Lotsa shredded paper around the stage We changed our mind about going to the stage when we saw the crowd. We went to Starbucks instead because that’s where two of our other officemates were. Many people took part in the parade which made it a blast. The weather even cooperated. Only the parade wasn’t as grand as expected. The rest of the pictures from the event are uploaded here.