Healthy on-the-go snacks you can enjoy all Summer long! |
Temperatures are on the rise! Here in NYC we've experienced temps hitting a high of 85 degrees and it's only May. Warmer weather means longer days, less clothing and summer break is right around the corner. It's the perfect time for family vacations, trips to the theme park and a showcase of that "summer ready" body of yours. Snacking plays a huge role when it comes to traveling. Heading on a road trip? Catching a flight? Snacks are a necessity! Any trip wouldn't be the same without them. Imagine, being on an international flight and not even being offered peanuts. I'm pretty sure you'd be appalled! Based on recent reports, in 2017 Americans spent over 45 billion dollars on snacks. Rather than snacking between meals, we're now snacking in place of a traditional meal. Is it our constant on-the-go mentality? Are we getting too lazy to cook? Or do we just like the convenience of our grub sitting on the shelf waiting for us to get it when it's needed? I'm not 100% sure but I do know the