We ate from a toilet bowl at the Modern Toilet Restaurant - How She Wanders
As I’ve mentioned in my previous post about our day 3 in Taiwan, we went to Ximending and had our dinner at Modern Toilet Restaurant which I believe deserves a separate post. And yes, you’ve read the title of this post correctly (you don’t need an eye check-up!), as we literally ate from a pot fashioned like a toilet bowl. Interiors But before I tour you inside, let me first show you the entrance of the restaurant. You will automatically think this is the Modern Toilet Restaurant you’ve been hearing about even before you see the store name! Now, let’s go upstairs and see what the buzz was all about. Upon reaching the second floor, these were the first things we beheld: Toilet bowl chairs, poop shaped ceiling lights, colorful water pipes that served as LED lighting, and huge poops under the glass tables! Food Let’s now proceed to the food. We ordered Modern Toilet Chicken Curry, which sounds okay and acceptable, and Turd Sub Sandwich, which sounds “are you serious?”. Please understand that we were feeling adventurous that time. The Modern Toilet Chicken Curry (280 NTD) comes with rice, soup….. and a poop! Drinks and dessert were also included in the package. For the drink, you can choose either Black Tea or Green Tea. I chose the former. The dessert was chocolate poop ice cream. The Modern Toilet Turd Sub Sandwich (280 NTD) was served with vegetable salad, corn soup, and mashed potato shaped like a poop. It also comes with a drink and chocolate poop ice cream. Menu Prices looked too high from their menu because they did not put all the inclusions for each meal. For us, price is quite high, but not too high. The Verdict While the food concept looked so creative and thought-provoking, but the taste was not really something to rave about. But it’s not to say that it tasted terrible. It’s just that the taste did not match the hype on the outward concept. Looks great but tastes ordinary. It’s worth the gram, but it’s not something you’ll crave for afterwards. Consider yourselves informed. More photos for inspiration! How I’d rate this resto I’ve also written a separate post for our 5D4N Taiwan Itinerary & Budget + Travel Guide! Just click here. Have you also tried dining at the Modern Toilet Restaurant? Feel free to share your experience below! Related